We currently take payments through Credit Cards, Venmo, CashApp and Cash. If you choose Venmo or CashApp our driver will contact you with payment options when you receive the estimated time of delivery.  Please note if you are paying by cash, the drivers only carry up to $20 in change.

We do not currently have a storefront open to the public. We expect to have our store open for you soon!

We deliver everyday 9 AM until 11 PM. If you order while we are closed, you will have your order the next morning. If you are outside of our delivery area, your order will be shipped the next day.

The vehicle your driver arrives in will not be marked.

After the system processes your order, you will receive and email to your provided email address with a copy of your receipt. We will put your order together and the driver will send you a text when they are on their way.

We pride ourselves with a same day delivery service for our CBD products in the Austin, TX area. Our goal is to have your order to you in under 2 hours and your driver will communicate to you the exact ETA once they have picked up your order.

When the driver arrives they will come to the door and will need to verify your ID (you must be over 21 to receive the order).

Unfortunately all of our sales are final. We pride ourselves on carrying exceptional products and would love to discuss a solution that will meet your needs. Here is our full return policy.

We are not medical professionals, so any questions should be directed to your doctor. We provide as much information as we can so you can pick the right product for you!

Yes, Section 11 of HB 1325 allows for existing retailers to possess, transport or sell consumable hemp products that become part of the retailers’ inventory prior to the effective date of DSHS rules resulting from HB 1325. The retailer must be licensed as currently required by law. Retailers selling consumable hemp products must ensure the product is safe for consumption by being free of heavy metals, pesticides, harmful microorganisms or residual solvents. Additionally, consumable hemp products sold must not contain more than 0.3 percent THC.


CBD is currently available as an FDA-approved prescription drug. DSHS does not regulate an individual’s private possession or private use of any food, drug, cosmetic product or dietary supplement, and HB 1325 will not change those parameters. Questions regarding medicinal use of consumable hemp products (including CBD) should be directed to a physician.



Currently, CBD is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a prescription drug. Per federal law, prescription drugs cannot be added to foods, cosmetics or dietary supplements.

Because the FDA also has authority to oversee food, cosmetics and dietary supplements, the FDA may take actions on its own relating to the ingredients in foods, drugs, cosmetics and dietary supplements.