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Liposomal delivery, liposomal CBD oil, is changing the way we consume vitamins and certain substances such as CBD, providing a direct route to the bloodstream for fast, efficient absorption and wellness from the inside out. To understand how nanoliposomes work, let’s explore the world of bioavailability and why absorption matters when it comes to CBD.

Nanoliposomes Are Tiny Soldiers

The best way to visualize nanoliposomes is to imagine a tiny army working at a cellular level. Why do you need a tiny army working at a cellular level?

Because this army can better endure the digestive process and flow straight into your bloodstream for fast and efficient results. Nanoliposomes, especially in liquid form, offer the following benefits:

  • better absorption, which means higher bioavailability;
  • protects nutrients from highly efficient GI tract;
  • increased intracellular delivery;
  • easier to swallow than tablets; and
  • can hold both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds.

Source: RESET bioscience