Herban Bud Delta 8 Disposible Carts

Herban Bud Delta 8 Disposible Carts

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Herban Bud Delta 8 Disposible Carts

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Not all disposable vape carts are the same! If you need a handy way to carry your Delta-8 THC vape through the day, this would be the unit for you. Convenient for everything from your everyday use to camping trips, festivals, or vacations.

This 1-gram cartridge and vape pen is also built with a multi-functional power button with variable click settings. 5 clicks turns the unit on or off, 3 clicks changes the temperature of the hit, and 2 clicks primes the unit for a preheated mega hit. With a rechargeable battery and super high potency, this unit will last you awhile.

Product Highlights:

• 1g Delta-8 THC distillate and Cannabis-derived
terpenes (nothing else)

• Cannabis-derived terpenes added to obtain desired

• Multi-functional, multi-click power button

• Rechargeable battery

1G Delta-8 THC distillate and Cannabis-Derived Terpenes


Herban Bud Disposible Vape COA

Additional information


Grand Daddy Purple (GDP), Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel


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