Hometown Hero Select Spectrum Gummies (Strawberry)

Hometown Hero Select Spectrum Gummies (Strawberry)

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Hometown Hero Select Spectrum Gummies (Strawberry)


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Seeking the entourage effect? Don’t get in a jam (pun intended). Enjoy a special blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids packed in sugar-coated gummies featuring a freshly-picked strawberry flavor.

  • 10 gummies per pack
  • 10mg CBD & 10mg Delta-9 THC per gummy
  • Vegan & gluten free

Bright and juicy berry flavor. Faint hints of sourness. All coming together in a soft, chewy disc to promote the entourage effect. This is what you will find in our Select Spectrum Strawberry Gummies. And yes. This unique 100% hemp-derived blend was first created by Hometown Hero.

  • Hemp-derived blend with 10mg CBD, 10mg Delta-9 per gummy for entourage effect
  • 10 gummies per pack for multiple sessions of enjoyment or sharing
  • Meets federal hemp standards which means you can order it online
  • Soft circular shape makes them easier to cut and divide into smaller amounts
  • No gluten or animal products, which fits gluten-free and vegan diets

So what exactly is “Select Spectrum?” Most of our products focus on just one cannabinoid, either CBD or Delta-8. Select Spectrum features a plethora of naturally derived goodness. To be more specific, each Select Spectrum gummy, no matter the flavor, has 10mg of CBD, 10mg of Delta-9 THC, and other cannabinoids extracted from hemp.

And what’s this “entourage effect” that we mentioned? When alone, cannabinoids have their own distinct properties. Together, they can bring out the best in each other. This quality that comes with blends of certain cannabinoids is called the entourage effect.

In every pack of Select Spectrum Strawberry Gummies come 10 edibles. Their flat circular shape makes them easier to divide, helping you divvy up the perfect amount. And don’t let the bag fool you. It’s child-resistant for maximum safety (but keep it out of reach in the first place). Plus, the packaging makes it easy for stowing away in a backpack, handbag, or like…very big pockets.

And last but not least, since Hometown Hero’s founding, we’ve been on one mission—to provide quality handcrafted products while helping veterans in need. Like any other product, a portion of your purchase of Select Spectrum products gets donated to veterans charities.

Order Select Spectrum Strawberry Gummies online and get them delivered to your home.

This product contains hemp-derived Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 THC is known to have psychoactive properties. Potential effects of Delta 9 can include drowsiness or dizziness. If you are new to this product, start with a small amount. Store in a cool dry location once opened. Color may vary. Gummies may sweat due to temperature variations.


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