Seltzer 8 Delta 8 Seltzer Dink

Seltzer 8 Delta 8 Seltzer Dink

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Seltzer 8 Delta 8 Seltzer Dink

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We offer packs in singles, 3, 6, and 12 packs for all flavors and a variety pack of the same quantities. If a single is picked as well as a varity pack a random flavor will be picked by us.

Delta 8 Seltzer

Keep the party going without the need for alcohol with these carbonated Delta 8 THC drinks from Seltzer 8.

Three fresh fruit flavors blended into a bubbly hemp-infused beverage will have you feeling chilled out and uplifted, and you won’t even have to worry about the incoming hangover or that sluggish, sloppy feeling of drinking too much. Perfect for a poolside afternoon, a golf outing with friends, or pretty much anywhere else.

Delta 8 Drink

Alcoholic seltzers are wildly popular today, and for a good reason: they’re crisp, refreshing, flavorful, and they hardly have any calories in them at all.

But not everyone is interested in drinking alcohol, which means when the seltzers come out, those folk are either stuck being designated drivers or simply trapped with a bunch of wild drunks, which, let’s be honest, is not all that fun.

If you’re the type of person who prefers cannabinoids to cocktails, then these Delta 8 drinks are what you need for your next party. Now you get to enjoy a crisp, refreshing, flavorful, low-calorie beverage all your own that will have you feeling uplifted, stress-free, and a lot more willing to hang around at a booze-heavy get-together.

Trust us; it’s a lot easier to deal with that one wasted friend-of-a-friend who can’t seem to remember your name and won’t stop talking about cryptocurrency when you’ve got a Delta 8 beverage by your side.

Our Delta 8 Seltzers

Perhaps you’ve seen some Delta 8 sodas or Delta 8 beers out there before, but these d8 seltzers from seltzer 8 take delta-8 infused drinks to another place entirely. You don’t have to worry about high sugar content or calories, and you don’t have to suffer through a bad-tasting beverage just to enjoy that Delta 8 kick.

Seltzer 8 has nailed the three amazing flavors it has to offer, and you won’t even know you’re sipping on something psychoactive when you crack one of these open.

These d8 drinks offer the following benefits:

Great Taste

Of course, you want any drink you buy to taste great, but you’d be surprised by how many infused drinks are just not easy on the taste buds. These three smooth, crisp, refreshing flavors of seltzer are quintessential summer in a can, regardless of what season you drink them in.

Alternative to Alcohol

Sometimes you just don’t want to drink alcohol; other times, you simply can’t. Regardless of your reasoning for avoiding booze, it shouldn’t mean you can’t kick back and enjoy the party. That’s what these d8 drinks are for.

No Hangovers

Even if you love to drink alcohol, there’s no way you love the hangover that comes from it. When you’re looking to avoid a Sunday of hiding in your bed and moaning until the Uber Eats arrives, reach for some Delta 8 seltzers instead.

Naturally Flavored

These d8 drinks are flavored using fresh ingredients and fruit juice, and they’re both sodium and gluten-free. In other words, there’s no guilt tied to the buzz these drinks provide.

Seltzer 8 Flavors

Sure, the most important aspect of delta-8 infused drinks is typically the Delta 8, but that doesn’t mean any old flavor will do. You don’t want to be grimacing while you try to force down some awful tasting beverage while hanging poolside. You want to feel totally refreshed by every sip. That’s what these three d8 seltzer flavors from Seltzer 8 provide.


Ah, lemon-lime, the classic citrus combination that has birthed some of the finest soft drinks known to the human race. Sprite, 7 UP, and even the relative newcomer Sierra Mist can all really hit the spot on the right occasion, but every one of them is loaded with sugar, and none of them even get you high.

That’s where the lemon-lime seltzer from Seltzer 8 truly shines.

You can expect that crisp and zesty hit of citrus (with way less sugar!) when you take a sip from one of these Delta 8 infused drinks, and you can expect to feel as though you took a zesty hit out of a three-foot bong when the d8 kicks in. It’s a summer classic reimagined for the age of alternative cannabinoids.


In the pantheon of summertime icons, the watermelon stands tall. It’s arguably the most tasty and refreshing fruit there is, and it’s been a poolside staple for as long as pools have been a thing.

It only makes sense to put the essence of the watermelon into a seltzer, which has become its own poolside staple in recent years. Now with these d8 seltzers reshaping the poolside experience, why not marry them with watermelon too?

With these watermelon d8 seltzers, you’ll get all of that wonderfully fruity summertime flavor in a can with a cannabinoid kick, and you won’t even have to spit out any seeds. You may even want to bring some real watermelon slices along for when the munchies start kicking in.

Black Cherry

Who doesn’t love a well-crafted black cherry beverage? The sweet but tart fruity flavor has found its way into all kinds of treats, sweets, and drinks over the years, and the fruit itself is renowned for its many nutrients and its antioxidant properties. It’s an all-time classic, and it makes for a hell of a d8 seltzer flavor, too.

Much like black cherries, Delta 8 THC boasts a variety of potential health benefits, so it should come as no surprise that two have been combined in this one drink. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, achy, or all of the above, crack open one of these d8 drinks, and you’ll be feeling much better in no time at all.

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